2007 United Motors Moontrax 50R

2007 United Motors Moontrax 50R

2007 United Motors Moontrax 50R Specifications


Engine configuration Single-Cylinder
How many cylinders 1
Types of power cycles Two-stroke
Type of cooling system Air / Fan
Valves 0
Valves Per Cylinder 0
Valve types and configurations Reed Valve
Bore (millimeters/inches) 40 / 1.58
Stroke (millimeters/inches) 39.2 / 1.54
Engine displacement (cubic centimeters/cubic inches) 49 / 3
Compression Ratio 5.8:1
Starter Type Electric / Kick
Fuel Regular
Type of Fuel Gas
Carb +
Number Of Carburetors 1
Carburetor system Carb
Governor (device) +
Kill Switch / Tether Cord Std


Transmission Type CVT
Primary drive rear Chain
Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission) Belt
Reverse +
High low range selector
Adjustable Throttle Std

Wheels & Tires: Front (F), Rear (R):

Rims material Steel
F Tire Diameter 16
R Tire Diameter 16
F Tire Width 8
F Wheel Diameter 7
R Tire Width 8
R Wheel Diameter 7
F Tire Brand 16 X 8-7
R Tire Brand 16 X 8-7


Front Dual Sealed Drum
Rear Disc

Suspension: Front (F), Rear (R):

ATV F suspension system Double A-Arm
Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load +
Front Adjustable Rebound Damping
Front Central Suspension Strut
Steering Damper
F Stabilizer Bar
ATV R suspension system Swing Arm
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load +
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping
ATV R shock absorbers 1
Rear Suspension Material Steel
R Stabilizer Bar
Air Adjustable


Steering system Manual
Steering controller Handlebar

Technical Specifications:

Overall length (foot) 4.75
Overall width (inches/millimeters) 38 / 965.2
Overall heigth (inches/millimeters) 35 / 889
Wheelbase (in/mm) 37.4 / 950
Length (foot/foot) 4
Length (foot/inches) 9
ATV dry weight (pounds/kilograms) 224 / 101.6
Fuel tank capacity (gallons/liters) 2 / 7.6
Engine Displacement to Weight (cc) 0.22


Seat Type One-Piece
Seat adjusting system
Material Vinyl
Seat Location Driver
Folding seat
Seat Height (in/mm) 22.4 / 569
ATV seats 1


ATV frame material Steel
Basic outside panels material Plastic
Floor Board Location Driver
ATV handlebar grips Std
Foot Peg Location Driver
Seat adjusting system
Exterior Guards Std
Exterior Covers Std
Front Fender Std
Rear Fender Std
Hand grips Std
Front Bumper Std
Bash Plate (Front) +
Safety Flag Std


Basic warranty (Mo./Condition) 12 / Limited
Battery Warranty (Mo.) 0


ATV Type Youth
Minimum manufacturer age recommended 6
Parent Company United Motors
Full name Moontrax 50R

Drive Line:

Driveline Type 4X2
Number Of Driveline Modes 1
Rear Unlocking Differential
Rear Solid Axle +


Headlight Mounts Std
Halogen Headlight (s) Std
Headlight (s) Std
Type Halogen

Paint & Finish:

Metallic color
Decal Kit Std

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